K12 Perform


Designing scalable and sustainable solutions for the future.

Whether you want to build leadership capacity, workforce training programs, data analysis processes, or strategic plans, we’ve got you covered.

Every system and process we design equips adults with the knowledge and skills to unleash the unlimited potential of young people.

Let us work alongside you to design scalable and sustainable systems and processes that meet your organization’s greatest educational challenges.

Ready to teach modules. Student focused and project based ready to meet students where they are. Craft mini lessons around these modules or use as an end of unit performance event.

Podcasts for students, teachers and education leaders who want to change the education landscape by developing or innovating a student-run business. The best way to engage students in school is through relevant, real-world learning opportunities in enterprise.

Redesigning Education for the Future

Using workforce development to design high school course sequences for college and career pathways.

Let us help you start and sustain your student operated business and engage your students in economics, finance and entrepreneurship.

Work with an experienced TPT Seller who can make you money for resources you already have created for your students.